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” I’m so thankful for Jay’s knowledge of credit repair.  He provided us with an innovative solution to obtain credit scores for a co-borrower that the 3 credit bureaus had declined to issue a score.  This action by Jay resulted in new scores for the co-borrower from all 3 credit bureau’s in the high 700’s. The method worked just the way Jay said it would and enabled me to have a co-signer on a loan and successfully purchase a home. Thanks Jay!”
M.H., Go-West-Realty
Professional Credit Restoration
“Thanks! I’m hopeful that we are done with all of this C R _ _! It has been a nightmare before you became involved, but you’ve made it simple and painless! Thank you guys!”
W.J.W, Longmont, CO
Professional Credit Restoration
“Thanks for all your assistance. My credit score has been improved and that’s exactly what I needed. If you ever need a reference, just let me know.”
I.D., San Francisco, CA
Professional Credit Restoration
“Thank you so much for all your work. You are doing a great job for us. My score increased on average almost 70 points and David’s score jumped almost 77 points!”
G and D.K, Centennial, CO
Professional Credit Restoration

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