Who Refers to Us

We get referrals from anyone who works with clients that need a higher credit score for financing approval. Mortgage and auto professionals use us to make increase the amount of clients they can service by turning previously unqualified buyers into credit worthy qualified buyers! Real estate professionals use us to help their clients get the maximum purchasing power good credit can leverage, and lawyers use us to help their bankruptcy and divorce clients rebuild and re-establish positive credit.

Why Refer to Us

Credit Card Common Mistakes

It is easy to keep track of all the referrals you send to us. We keep you up to date with automatic account status emails, and 24/7 online access to the live progress of your referrals! Our cutting edge software provides an unprecedented level of transparency and automation, sending your customers right back to you as newly qualified buyers!

Get higher commissions when your clients can afford to borrow more

Market yourself as the person who can get the best rates

Approve clients that couldn't be approved before

Get more referrals for yourself by serving your clients to the fullest

Get your Credit Repaired!
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How Do I Refer Business

Call us and speak to a member of our staff about how we can help your clients. This call is free and you will receive invaluable information.

With permission, send us your client’s credit report and we will go over what we can do for them. In the future, you can just have your client contact us directly. You can be as involved as you wish.

You will receive email updates regarding the status of your client’s account. You can also login to view your client’s account at anytime, 24/7.

Scores should begin to improve within 35 days.

Be able to tell your clients you can get them the best rates and market yourself as the expert.

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